Should Windows 7 be automatically restarting while configuring updates during startup?
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Should Windows 7 be automatically restarting *while* configuring updates during startup?

2 days ago, I got a brand new high-end laptop (a Sager NP9170, via XoticPC, if it makes a difference), and I installed my own SSD and installed Windows 7 SP1 on it. So far, so good. I went through a kabillion reboot cycles (with no issues) installing a bunch of drivers and software, and the machine is flying and working awesomely.

So, I shut it down last night and it had a whole bunch of updates to install from Windows Update. It did the "do not shut down while updates are installing" thing, and turned off.

When I powered it back up this morning, during the standard startup screen, it said "Windows is configuring updates..." and it got to 30% and then the system rebooted.
It got to the "Windows is configuring updates..." part again, got to 32%, and then the system rebooted again.
Then it booted up just fine with no problems.

The thing is, I rarely pay attention to how Windows Update behaves, so this might be typical. But since it is my first brand new PC in a very long time, and it contains components that didn't exist the last time I bought a new PC, I have obviously been paying extra-meticulous attention to everything. And being paranoid about every click, every beep, every message.

My question is: Is it normal for Windows to go through a few reboots while it is "configuring updates"? Or should I immediately assume that this is a problem with the SSD (or RAM or some other component of the machine) that I should address immediately?
Obviously, in any case, I will be keeping a closer eye on every reboot, but I don't want to end up constantly worrying about unrecoverable situations.

I should note here that I left the machine turned on (to download and install some Steam games) when I left for work this morning.. so unless it had some random reboots while unattended, I should probably still have access to any logs that were generated during the last time it booted.
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Some updates do require multiple reboots. Perfectly normal.
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Normal from time to time, especially during the first update cycle or three following a new install. I wouldn't worry at all, unless it keeps up.
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Yeah, you're good. This is common with updates, especially major ones like service packs.
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In my experience this is normal with a new install. When you get past this and get logged in again, manually run windows update until it tells you everything is done and you should be fine. Have fun with the new toy.
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OK, these quick responses are reassuring, and I'm going to stop marking everything as Best Answer. Just keep that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart for knowing you caused my head not to asplode.
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Not sure if relevant but yesterday I was configuring a new laptop at work. Ran updates, restarted Windows, got to the 'configuring, please hold' screen, number stopped at 30% (with donut spinning). I let it sit there for 30 minutes or so, number never changed. Finally popped ctrl-alt-del just to see what was up and the screen instantly flipped to the login. Machine acting normal ever since.

Odd behavior, maybe an update in the last few days had something broken within causing odd hangs?
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