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I'd like to read substantive writing about MMA that does more than just follow the news. If possible, I'd like to participate in thoughtful discussion about it. Ideally, I'd like a blog, column, or forum that gets updated regularly, but books are fine, too.

I'm not looking for a blog that reports all of the latest news. I don't want to hear about what's possibly being implied Jon Jones's latest tweet and who might be matched up with whom.

I'd like to hear about technique, fighters' lives, ethics, and history. I've enjoyed Bloody Elbow's Judo Chop and MMA history posts. I liked Buakaw Blog before it was taken down. The horse race stuff, not so much.

Discussion-wise, I'd like participants that actually offer information and insight, rather than simply discuss whether a post is right or wrong.
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I assume you do Sherdog as well as bloody elbow. I'll e-mail this question to my boyfriend and see what he suggests.
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I used to write for Bloody Elbow, and honestly -- it was the only place to have those types of conversations within the niche. That's why I began writing there. It's difficult to find a community of intelligent commenters because most are moderator-less. BE isn't, and they have strict rules, i.e. getting rid of people who are blatantly trolling.

The biggest problem, however, is that SEO tricks and needing to get massive hits in order to stay alive takes away from the opinion/editorial pieces. So, until the sport really takes off... it's going to be really hard to find what you are looking for. It does exist in some capacity at BE and other sites however.
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The site that most fighters use is still MA's underground forum (the UG) and I think it's probably the best option. It does have info about fighters lives (and their camp's lives, and their GF's lives) and you can certainly learn about techniques and history if you pay attention, but it's a bit rough and the presentation sorta sucks.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. I understand that this stuff is scarce but was hoping I missed something.

ChuraChura, I find Sherdog a little too newswire-y for my tastes.

MMALR, what other sites were you thinking of, even if they're spotty?

anti social order - thanks. I'm looking for something a little more coherent and journalism-ish, though.

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Response by poster: Whoops, forgot to close a bold tag. Sorry for the in-your-face typeface!
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Yeah.. Other than what's listed I don't think that's really out there yet. Fighters lives are covered in stuff like UFC promo vids and TUF reality show, but other than top fighters, most of them have days jobs and are normal people that train a lot.

MMA is still a very new sport and is evolving fast so the historical stuff isn't there yet like it would be in say boxing. The 'eras' in MMA technique have only lasted a few years until you get to todays "well rounded" fighters.

Ethics, I don't even know how you'd get this. Some guys are great people, some guys are matt hughes.
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Response by poster: Fight Opinion sometimes talks about ethics, but mostly in relation to performance-enhancing drugs. A Fighter's Heart touched on some of the ethics involved in prizefight. I didn't necessarily agree with it, but it was food for thought.

Bloody Elbow does sometimes talk about the ethics of mismatches and whether or not damaged fighters should be allowed to keep going. So, it's stuff like that I meant by "ethics," not so much personal "who's-a-dick" sort of ethics.
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UFC and sherdog
Great MMA coverage
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