Avoiding heat in Installing DVD VCR Recorder?
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Why does the manual on my new DVD/VCR recorder say "do not install NEAR any heat sources such as radiators,..or other(including amplifiers that produce heat)"? I just bought a Toshiba D-VR3SU and if I put it in place of my old VCR it is about 2" from my amplifier. Well the amp gets warm, but I can't feel any heat more than 1/4" away. Do I really need to rearrange all the stuff to avoid this? The manual says this twice!

Any other advice on this transition/major leap in video technology would be appreciated.
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It is pretty hard to tell what you really have to do because every product is a little different. It is worth looking up the model in places like avsforum and vcdhelp to see if that particular unit has a history of overheating.

What direction is it in? To the side or below and you really haven't got much to worry about unless you are extremely unlucky. Worst case is directly above, even then 2" should allow for moderate airflow depending on other details about the rack it is in. The amount of airflow matters more than the distance - the ambient temperature of your house also matters a lot.
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I wouldn't worry abou it. They are worried about overheating the DVD/VCR. But, as long as you don't feel much radiant heat from the amp making it to the DVD unit, you should be fine.
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I wouldn't worry too much. If it's similar to the older VR2 DVD recorder, it has a fan in the back to expel hot air.

I would be more worried you're choking the amp by putting it underneath anything. Amplifiers need space, they generate massive amounts of heat. 2" isn't bad, I suppose, but that isn't 2" blocked by a 1" thick shelf, is it? If it is, reconsider your placement of the amplifier.

Another thing to worry about are shelving units with doors on them. When you close the doors you're turning the thing into a hot box.
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Do I really need to rearrange all the stuff to avoid this?

Probably not.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. With the perspective you gave me, I've checked - the amp in question has lots of vents on top (where it has 1/2" clearance from a board above it - and it has worked fine for 20 years or so) and will have 1/2" clearance on the side next to the DVD/VCR . And that side doesn't put out much radiant heat at all. So I think it should be fine. I won't worry, won't rearrange. Yay!!
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My housemate Elly had a DVD player that sat on a coffee table next to a radiator for a few weeks. When she came to use it, the colour was knackered irreparably. The only cause we could assume was the heat from the radiator (it was winter).
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