Share the cell data?
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How best to share my Internet connection from my Nokia E63 S60 to my iPad?

I have Walmart Family Mobile which includes very reasonable Internet access rates and want to share it. WFM is rebranded T-Mobile USA. Actually I'd like to buy a pocket modem to share the cell data and use this with another line but hey, they don't offer it.
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Have you tried JoikuSpot?
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I'll try it thanks.
posted by usermac at 4:05 AM on August 13, 2012

If you can tether the iPad to the E63 with Bluetooth, it will use much less power than WiFi. JoikuSpot is a battery hog. It won't be very fast. The E63 doesn't do 3G on T-Mobile. If at&t has decent coverage where you are, you could do Straight Talk with the at&t SIM instead of WFM and get 3G speed. (or switch to a phone that does 3G on T-Mobile, like the E6 if you want to stick with Symbian and the same form factor) There is a 2GB data cap, though.
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