Should we sign up for DirecTV?
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Should we sign up for DirecTV when we know we will move within the contract period?

We're thinking about getting DirecTV for the NFL Sunday Package but I am wary of the two-year-contract. I talked to the sales rep and it looks like a two-year contract is the only option unless we want to buy the equipment ourselves, which seems insane.

The catch is that I'm 99 percent sure we'll be moving, likely to an apartment, within the contract period. I've tried to research how often apartment complexes don't allow DirecTV and can't figure it out.

Wise Mefites, do you know how much of a pain it is to move with DirecTV and how frequently apartment complexes don't allow satellites? Unfortunately, we have no idea where we'll be moving yet. My husband is just starting his academic job search.
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As long as you have line of sight, the complex isn't allowed to prohibit dishes on your own balcony/patio. The FCC rules aren't easy reading, but they are clear.

Roughly speaking, you need line of sight to the southwest if you are located in the east, or to the southeast if you're in the west. DirecTV will do an installation in your new location, subject to unstated conditions, but especially if you're paying for the $$$ Sunday Ticket I'd be surprised if they weren't interested in keeping you as a customer. The good news (as I understand it) is that if there's no line of sight, and you use the moving program, they will let you out of the ETF.
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Do you have a PS3? Last year you could buy Sunday Ticket through PSN. Have not heard about this year but we should probably hear soon. Last year's blog post.
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As long as you have line of sight, the complex isn't allowed to prohibit dishes on your own balcony/patio.

You cannot, though, attach the dish to any part of the building in a way that would require using screws, nails, drilling, etc. At least, that seems to be the common rules in my neck of the woods.

Most apartment-bound people around here mount a 4x4 in a container (like a large flower pot) filled with quick-crete, then mount the dish to the 4x4. Obviously, you'll have to weasel the cable through a window or the patio door somehow.
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I went through this a few months ago. I didn't have line of sight at my new apartment. Even though I knew that, they had to send a tech out. Once he arrived, they waived the ETF.
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Thanks for the great advice! We're going to wait and see what happens with Sunday Ticket on PS3 before signing up for DirecTV. It's great to know about line of sight rules.
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