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A generic Kleenex is a "tissue," a generic Q-Tip is a "cotton swab." What is a generic PowerPoint presentation called?

I'm editing a publication that frequently refers to PowerPoint presentations, but the authors want to avoid endorsing a particular piece of software. We're searching for a good general-purpose synonymn that doesn't make us sound like we're luddites. Edward Tufte uses "slideware," and we've contemplated "electronic slide presenations," but I'm not wild about either of those. What do you call this category of software programs? What do you call the presentations that use this type of software?
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slideshows! There no longer seems to be any confusion with the possibility of people walking in with a carousel and a clicker.
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I just use "slides" or "presentation". Very few people where I work use Powerpoint, so nobody refers to it by that name.
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Eric Meyer, who makes a non-Powerpoint thingdoo that does these things, calls them slide shows or slide show systems. I've also seen it called presentation software.
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Seriously, the powerpoint rangers I work with call tem slideshows (and thus each page a slide), presentations or just the noun form a PowerPoint.
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a deck.
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Ok, maybe not. You said the best generic term already. They're "presentations". Powerpoint is "presentation software".

OpenOffice has a PowerPoint alternative called "Impress" now. Look at their page for it. They keep referring to "presentations".
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I've seen, like Jeb, a lot of people call them a "deck", as in deck of slides or deck of cards. Oddly enough I first encountered this naming with people in the US pharma. industry, although I'm sure it's not confined to there. I find it kind of annoying actually, for some unknown reason. I just go with "presentation".
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I've heard the term "preso" a lot. Although I hate it.
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I never heard 'deck' until I got on a project with Accenture um, resources. Hate deck, hate preso, hate fucking PowerPoint.
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slides, foils.
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Thanks for the suggestions. We decided to go with "slide presentations" when we're referring to the presentations themselves (as opposed to regular oral presentations, which this book refers to, as well), and "presentation software" when we're referring to the category of software programs.
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In 7th grade, we called them filmstrips. They were almost as boring as 99.99999999% of the PowerPoint presentations are now.
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"Digital presentations" is the groan inducing name we call it in flyover country.
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"Deck" especially makes sense if you're old-school enough to have been really into HyperCard on the Mac.
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I normally call them "multimedia presentations."
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Microsoft's trademark lawyers are falling down on the job here. Wait until some of this other software starts taking off and people are still making "Powerpoint Presentations."
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I've never heard "Deck" used by itself, but "slide deck" or "slides" is very popular around these parts.
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I've heard "deck," and being one of those unnecessary neologisms, the word gives me the heebie-jeebies. "Preso" is completely unfamiliar, I've never heard the term. You'd be laughed out of a room for using such baby-talk where I work -- certainly nobody would take you seriously.

I consider the terms "slideshow" or "presentation" to be the most accurate. When talking about the file on disk, it is a "presentation file," and when the contents of the file are displayed, that content is a "slideshow."

The software to create a slideshow, save it as a presentation file, and display the content is "presentation software."
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Overheads! Or am I showing my age?
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