Interesting reusable GPX logs?
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Where can I get hold of an interesting GPX export I can use for testing some code and (maybe) showing the results on my personal website?

I'm playing with some code that makes pretty pictures and graphs from GPX files. It's nothing new or exciting, but I'm using it to teach myself about some new libraries I'm interested in and would like to show the results on my website.

The problem is that I live in East Anglia, where the roads are largely flat and level or easy 30/60/70 speed limits.

I'd really like to get my hands on a PGX trail of someone driving a car round a looping (or at least, with significant long/lat changes) path with decent speed and altitude changes. The ideal would probably be something like the Nurburgring / Leguna Seca / etc or a road trip that included slow roads, motorway and some good twisty bits.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of such a GPX log that I can use for building upon (so CC or similar)?
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I've got a GPX log of me sky diving I'd be happy to let you use, if you are interested in non-vehicle tracks. It's has some serious altitude and speed changes...
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OpenStreetMap allows users to upload GPS traces, which they use to build the map. Each user is allowed to choose their own level of privacy, so some traces are unordered lists of points, and others have full timestamps.

At the moment, all the map data is CC-2.0-BY-SA, though I don't know for sure that applies to the GPS traces and don't have the time to look into it. You're welcome to use my traces, though.
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I have an airplane, and I have many gpx files of my flights I can send you. I usually fly around 110 mph.
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