Your favorite Mount and Blade: Warband Mods?
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What are your favorite mods for Mount and Blade: Warband? I like the vanilla game mechanics well enough, especially with the Diplomacy add-on, and I'm not a big fan of fantasy worlds with orcs and magic. Ideally, I'd love to find a well done Warband mod that gave me the same mechanics and balance, but in a new location with new factions and geography. But I'm willing to hear anything about your favorite Warband mods. Thanks!

More detail: I've tried many of the mods, Floris, Prophecy, and so on, and I almost always just end up going back to plain vanila Warband plus Diplomacy. It's just that I'm so tired of Nords and Vaegirs and Swadians. I've got the route from Veluca to Dhirim memorized I've taken it so many times. Where are the new lands, new campaigns with different nations? One of the things I love about M&B is the pseudo-realistic balance-- no magical healing, no demi-human races, etc. I realize other people have added these things in, and I've tried some of those mods, but they leave me cold. What should I be looking for, or give a second look to?
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Best answer: Mefightclub might be helpful for this sort of question as well, it recently came up in a metatalk thread if you want some more information before you head over.
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Best answer: 1257 AD is probably my favorite overall mod, though the huge map of Europe and North Africa slows things down a bit. I quite enjoy the gun mods. Try 1755 Old Frontier.
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Best answer: if you're willing to take the plunge, these guys will talk your ear off about it.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the assistance. Each reply was valuable and led me in a different direction. Please don't feel bad that I have marked all three as "best answers". They were!
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Coming back to it, I think the gun mod I like best is the 18?? Old West one, which uses a lot of the 1755 material as a starting point.
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