Probably the funniest bit ever about being lactose intolerant
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Help me identify an Afro-Caribbean comedian I saw on UK Comedy Central at 2 in the morning a couple of nights ago. Details about his routine inside.

The guy's bit was a story about being lactose intolerant as a child. He drank milk at school anyway so as not to be different. The milk made him sick once he was home so eventually his grandmother came to the school to have a word with the teacher.

Unfortunately I can't search backwards in Comedy Central's timetable or else this would be pretty easy.
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A UK comedian? A US comedian?

If it was a US comedian, Al Jackson does an amazing lactose intolerant bit, but it's about an experience he had as an adult.
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I should say "the Al Jackson bit I know is about lactose intolerance as an adult" but maybe he has talked about it in childhood as well. Hope that makes more sense.
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Al Jackson looks funny but the guy I'm thinking about has dreadlocks or plaited hair, about shoulder length. He also has a Caribbean accent, maybe Jamaican, maybe Bajan, or Bahamian I'm not sure. I'd guess he's probably British.
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Reginald D. Hunter? (Images)
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The guy you're looking for is Nathan Caton I think.
I saw him do that act a couple of years ago in a teeny tiny comedy club, before he was famous. Now he's everywhere on TV here.
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Thanks tonylord, I think that's him.
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