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I am trying to come up with a list of options for relocation witin the UK. I run an online business which can be run from anywhere so commute is not an issue. Cable fibre optic internet is a must.

I currently live in Brighton which is great, but I would like a change. I pay a premium to be near the sea and London, neither of which I require. And the tourist element is wearing thin. I work from home, so commute is not an issue. I'd like to live in a community favoured by educated and ambitious people, so ideally a town or city with varied industry other than hospitality. I am interested in either city or country, but I rely on the conveniences of the city, so lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops. Culture is optional. I am a keen cyclist, off an on road, so good rides are a bonus. I am 33 and single, so opportunities to meet free and easy people in their early 30s is important. I've lived in Bristol and London before, so these are not on my list. I want to set up a home office, so looking a fairly big space. My budget is 1k a month for rent for a 2 bed. But I could pay more for happiness. Any advice or anecdotes gratefully received.
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You might like Cambridge/Cambridgeshire. Obviously, lots of very educated people living nearby (at least two universities, all sorts of tech companies), lots of cafes, pubs, etc - and the cycling is excellent (the town is dominated by bicycles, but I've also been all over the fens on and off-road). Instead of the sea/London premium, you will pay a Cambridge-premium if you want to live downtown, but we found 2 bed places for under 1000k within only a few minutes cycling of downtown (it was a few years ago - 2005-2007 - but most two-beds were L750-950). And you will pay less if you don't mind living out of town in one of the villages -- less convenient for being out late at night, but the countryside is very beautiful if you like bucolic (which I do).

Outside of Cambridge proper, Ely is a really nice town, but smaller and more touristy. Further afield, Norwich seemed really nice and there is at least one large university there.
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My favorite thing about Cambridge: I'm city-born-and-bred and cannot function without city transit, etc - but I love the country. Cambridge has all the city stuff but also cows in the centre of town and farmers's fields a short walk out.

There are lots of tourists - I don't know if they would be less noticeable because of all the students, as I haven't been to Brighton. But outside of the small downtown, you don't see many.
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Hit the north. Edinburgh is big enough to sustain a pretty vibrant creative community, but small enough not to feel overwhelming. Not the cheapest option, though, especially if you want space. Then there's Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, in rough order of expense; I've heard very good things about the latter recently, belying its grim image.

Alternatively: Cardiff. A good few of my Welsh friends moved back there after spending time in London, and having visited them, I understand why; you don't have to be Welsh to find a niche there.
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I've actually just relocated from London to Brighton, myself but if I was going to relocate again, I'd go back to Manchester (I did my undergrad there). It's a lovely city - modern bits, old bits, bit for wandering around, there's plenty to do, it's cheap without being nasty (although I can't speak for non-student rent but it has to be cheaper than London/Brighton for the space you want!) and I know that at least three or four of my undergrad classmates are still based there and run their own online companies!
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