What is the best invoicing app for Android?
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You are a freelancer. You invoice your clients. You have an android device, and you have a great app you use. What app is it?

I am terrible about invoicing promptly. I need an app for my Android tablet which 1) Creates invoices and 2) Reminds me to email them. Ideally the reminders would be weekly, but more frequently if I ignore the first one (ie it reminds me on Friday, and if I don't do it Friday, it reminds me on Saturday and Sunday). I don't mind paying a one-time fee but don't want to pay a monthly fee. I see lots of ones with good reviews in the Google Play Store but I would love to hear some personal opinions before I spend the money.
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Response by poster: I should probably have said in my question that I don't use accounting software and don't want to buy any (my business is simple enough that I really don't feel like I need it)-- I need some sort of stand-alone app.
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Bamboo Invoice installed on my hosted server.
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Response by poster: Just in case anyone sees this question in the future, the app I ended up going with was Invoice2Go. It creates really nice-looking invoices, and is easy to use. It is missing the reminding/nagging feature I was looking for, but is good otherwise. It is about $10 but has a free trial version which will let you try it out for 3 invoices.
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