Is it worth attending Minecon?
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Is it worth going to Minecon (the annual Minecraft conference)? Also a Disneyland Paris question.

Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, has announced that its upcoming community get-together, Minecon, will be held at Disneyland Paris in November.

I've been exploring Minecraft recently and have found it interesting both for its gameplay and for the richness of its community. (I know MeFightClub maintains a server, too.) I'm hardly a pro user, though - that's not why I'm intrigued by the event. Instead I'm interested to see how this community takes shape - somewhat like what one would see at Pax but with more depth since it's around a single game.

The location (Disneyland Paris) lends some possibilities for the family, too... so...

- has anyone been to a past Minecon and can report on the experience?
- is anyone planning to go to Minecon this year?
- any general reviews of Disneyland Paris? (as compared to, say, Disney World in Orlando)
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I have only been to Disneyland LA and Disneyland Paris and much preferred the European one by miles. The queues where a lot shorter to start and the place felt less tired than the LA one, this is just my take on it though and other people will have their own POVs, also the fact staff and other visitors speaking all sorts of languages added a really magically feel to the place too.
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I just mentioned this to my six year old son, who is below my desk chair currently drawing his Minecraft characters. So if I see you in Paris in November, it is entirely your fault.
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I know nothing of Minecraft, but I have a recommendation for accomodation while you are there.

Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France

I have seen a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Townhouse go for 135 euros a night.
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