Where to find Disney movies with their original audio?
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Where can I found Disney classic films with their original audio?

I am looking to buy old Disney movies for my sister (as a memento of our childhood) English is fine, Spanish would be ideal. She thoroughly dislikes the versions with new audio.

I am looking for

Alice in wonderland 1951
The Pooh movies: "honey tree", "blustery day" (this one is a favorite), tigger, "seasons" and "a day for eeyore" 1977
Sleeping beauty 1959
Cinderella 1950
Peter Pan 1953
the legend of sleepy hollow 1949
Mary Poppins 1964
The Aristocats 1970

Any ideas?
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Can you explain further by what you mean about "versions with new audio"?
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You might have some luck on eBay; I've found some old childhood books and videos from that site. Are there any secondhand bookstores in your area or in driving distance? They might also have some. Another good place to check are thrift-stores/salvation army stores. They often have old books and videos that people have given away. Might be harder to find them in Spanish, but you never know. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Well, the ones that are available for sale now have been re recorded. Exactly the same dialogues, but the sound is completely different. In some cases, the audio has been completely replaced by new voices. I would like to find them in their original form.
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Best answer: Get a VCR. You can still get combo players if you look around. Modern ones may even output digital.

Then go to Ebay.
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Can you explain further by what you mean about "versions with new audio"?

It's what happened with some of the translated (dubbed) versions. Lady and the Tramp, for one example, exists in two German versions, and even two Swedish ones.

I believe that most English Disney classics re-issues still use the original sound.
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This unit is not cheap ($170 refurbished) but it will dub VHS to DVD-r at about a 1:1 rate.
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I'm not sure what you mean by re-recorded. None of the Disney classic movies have been re-recorded with different actors -- at the most some of the sound has been remastered for DVD releases, but not to the point where it's noticeable or drastically altered. Can you provide an example?
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