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Best way to dispose of lava rock

I have this gross lava rock in all my landscaping beds, from our house's previous owners. I think its fine for a certain type of landscaping, but it's so---indestructible, and always spilling out into the grass. I'm getting ready to plant some bulbs and seeds this fall, and the rock has got to go

I don't really want to just put it in the garbage (I doubt the garbage man could pick up a garbage can full of this stuff). I've tried offering it for free to other people, but no one seems interested (understandably).

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Best answer: Have you tried craigslist? I would start by putting it into a plastic garbage can and then putting it in the free section on your local craigslist.
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Have you tried posting it in the Craigslist "free" section?
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Or post to a Freecycle list in your area?
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Contact some landscaping companies and nurseries in your area to see if they want it. Maybe you could work out a trade for some of the bulbs you want to plant.
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Craigslist is great but I think it's sometimes better to charge a nominal amount - $5, whatever - it eliminates some of the flakes. But, free is often fine too.
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Data point here: I would be sorely, sorely tempted to come get this stuff if you posted it on my area's Freecycle (and I don't even have anything I particularly want to landscape). If you post, make sure to specify that recipient provides transport.
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Could you re-use? Lava is great at the bottom of pots and planters for drainage...
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Best answer: Also, to decrease the issues with the flakes, just put your address in the listing and leave it by the curb. Be prompt about removing the ad once someone takes it.
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Couldn't you just dig a hole and bury it.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to try the craigslist idea, but have it all ready in 5-gallons (before I guess my ad probably read more like the old "free grass clippings, you mow":) The bed liners have disintegrated in some areas, so I have a feeling I'm be digging up odd rocks here and there for years to come. The only thing that makes me more angry is how fast mulberry shrubs grow!

Barry B P and Long Way To Go, there is way too much rock for either of those suggestions--three sides of my house, 4 feet out, 2-3 inches deep. But good ideas. I have actually used some for drainage in pots.
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I would contact your local extension office to get the names of master gardener groups in your area. Master gardeners usually maintain gardens in public spaces as volunteers and many of them use their own money to buy mulch and supplies. Free rock might be appreciated.
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