LA to DC - Fabric and leather supply stores
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LA to DC Crafting - Fabric and Leather supply stores?

We're moving from LA to the DC area. Does anyone know how I can replace Michael Levine Fabrics and Savemore Leather supply in this part of the world? Or at least fabric and supply places that offer wholesale pricing?
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If you're going to be in DC proper ... well ... the Washington City Paper has some sad information for you.

There's really not much around here (I can't help you with leather), but G Street is probably the best you're going to find & has a pretty wide-ranging selection. Some good deals can be had there if you're willing to dig a bit, but it's probably not what you're used to.

We are pretty lacking here in this area.
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There are a bunch of fabric shops around the intersection of University Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue, in the Takoma Park suburb. My personal favorite is Sarah's Fabrics: a friend of mine christened it "the Fabric TARDIS" because the shopfront looks tiny but it goes back into this cave of shiny discoveries for what seems like miles.

I'm not sure about wholesale pricing, but my guess is that they must be accustomed to dealing with wholesalers. They're certainly cheaper than G Street.
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I remember when G Street Fabrics occupied an amazing, five-floor store on G Street, but they moved out to Rockville in the mid-80s. As for leather, there used to be a Tandy store inside the Beltway somewhere (and downtown, before that) but now it appears you must go to Baltimore: 132 Eastern Blvd, Essex 21221. Or Richmond.
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Hmmm. Well, I'll certainly check out those suggestions, especially the fabric Tardis (there are lots of funny places like that here, too). Overall I am sad to lose my sources but I'm sure we'll make it into NY fairly often, too. :/ thank you!
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