Help me find the perfect shirt!
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I love Julie Deply's shirt in Before Sunset. Where can I get a shirt exactly (or almost exactly) like that?

Julie Deply in the entire movie is wearing this amazing black shirt (visible in some of these photos).

It is black and sort of flowy. It has a straight across neckline, and sort of lacey thick straps. In the back it is sort of low and then has a slit in the back (basically from the bra strap line on).

Ever since I first saw this movie I've wanted this shirt! I would also be happy for any similar shirts!

Please help, Metafilter!
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Hmm. There are aspects of this style that are popular now (loose, open-back) but the straight-neck is difficult to find. I thought these two captured the spirit the best:

Isabel Marant ($$$, sorry)
ASOS (look at version in white for detail)
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Rather than search forever, I'd bring this sort of project to Etsy. Contact a seller of similar handmade clothing directly and see if they will make a shirt to your spec. A quick search shows MiriMiriFashion makes nicely tailored flowy black silk things, so she might have the right aesthetic and materials on hand to do this for you. There are doubtless many others as well. Good luck!
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I thought, "go to the source", and looked up the film's costume designer, hoping an email contact address might just be possible. Sadly, I can find no features about Thierry Delettre, his entries on imdb and French equivalents only list the films he's been involved in, there is a Thierry Delettre who is an animator cluttering up results and there are five Thierry Delettres on French Facebook - with little info or with private settings. I'm sorry.

French cinephile mefite who could be more effective needed!
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Just in case you are searching for her name, note that you have misspelled it every time. It's Delpy, not Deply.
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I'm on the hunt! But I was a bit confused by your description, and those pictures dont really do it justice. Here's a clip from the movie where you can get a better view of the shirt, and you can see the most important back. Here's a set of images, for anyone who cant view video.
Things of not: Thick lace straps, thick band in back, and then open from there down, much longer in front than in back [this is weird to me. Maybe she's wearing the shirt backwards on purpose?]
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Here's another from asos that is similar.
I came across this one that is similar in...spirit, but I wanted to post it in case you love it as much as I do.
There's this, but it's in a robins egg print, not black.
Hey look, apparently asos really like slit-back tops.
This one is fun.
One last one, and I'l still keep looking .
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FirstMateKate -- You are amazing at finding shirts!
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