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Website question, now to automatically change data based on current date

Is it possible via html or javascript to change text based on the current data? What would that script be? I do not want to use a database.
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I should have specified that I am interested in the text changing based on a date like May 5, or 5/5, not a day of the week.
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This looks like it should get you on the way: Basic Javascript Date and Time Functions
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Further, something along these lines:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
var hour = now.getHours();
var minute = now.getMinutes();
var second = now.getSeconds();
var monthnumber = now.getMonth();
var monthday = now.getDate();
var year = now.getYear();

if (monthnumber == 5 && monthday == 5) {
document.write("It's May 5th");

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Gah, missed the first line:

var now = new Date();

should go above:

var hour = now.getHours();

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It may be a pedantic note, but using a server-side language wouldn't necessarily mean you're using a database.
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I've done a meeelion of these over the years. How's this for a simple scheme:
var dateObj = new Date(), i, dateParts, dateId, dayString;
dateParts = [(dateObj.getMonth() + 1), (dateObj.getUTCDate())];
for (i = 0; i < dateParts.length; i++) {
    if (dateParts[i].toString().length === 1) {
        dateParts[i] = '0' + dateParts[i];
dateId = 'date-' + dateParts.join("");
dayString = document.getElementById(dateId);
if (dayString) { = 'block';
} else if (document.getElementById('date-else-test')){
   document.getElementById('date-else-test').style.display = 'block';
What this is does is create a scheme so that things that have the id like "date-MMDD" will get displayed. If there's no such thing, then a fallback will get displayed, if its available.

So for HTML like this:
<p id="date-0505" style="display: none;">May 5th thing</p>
<p id="date-0804" style="display: none;">For August 4</p>
<p id="date-0805" style="display: none;">This one's August fifth</p>
<p id="date-0806" style="display: none;">6 de Agosto</p>
<p id="date-0807" style="display: none;">7 AUG</p>
<p id="date-else-test" style="display: none;">Text on any other day</p>
Today, (August 4th where I am) "For August 4" displays.
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