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OK Woody Allen fans, I've got a question for you. In the movie "Play It Again Sam" he has a date with a woman. What is her name? Her monologue goes something like this (I originally performed it in French) "Before tonight the doctors affirmed that I was frigid. Thank you for proving the contrary. When Dick and Linda spoke of you, they described you as a monster of intelligence, but they never told me that you were also a savage beast". I need the character's name for my resume. Thanks!
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"Up until tonight, the doctors had said that I was frigid. I want to thank you for proving them wrong. "
"If you've got any friends with the same problem, bring them around."
"When Dick and Linda spoke of you, they used terms like "genius" and "brilliant". They never said you were also an animal."
(this is from the screenplay that's available on Google Books)
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You're wonderful. Thank you.
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Her character was played by Jennifer Salt.
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