One of these things is not like the other one.... (or is it?)
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LPCC or MFT Filter: Are the NCE and NCMHCE tests similar enough in content to use this study guide? Details inside.

I have a well-reviewed, comprehensive study guide for the NCE but my state is now using the NCMHCE. I'd buy something different but can't find any guides for the NCMHCE which are as well reviewed as the one I have. Bonus points for study tips. FWIW, I'm horrible at math & research might be tough.
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I can't speak to the differences between the NCE and NCMHCE, having only taken the NCE. But, I would caution against relying solely on that book, based on my NCE experience. The questions in the book were structured very differently than those on the test, and the distribution of content was also very different (again, I can't speak to how it may relate to the NCMHCE).

It was a decent review on top of everything else I'd been studying (I was just finishing my masters program when I took the NCE, and had taken my university's comprehensive exam a few weeks before), but if I'd been some time out of my program and had relied only on that book, I'm not sure things would have gone so well. Going back over any notes or study guides I had compiled from some of my classes really helped, as did taking any and all sample tests I could find on the internet.
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I have taken both exams and they are very different, as you know. I used the Encyclopedia of Counseling on CD, as well as the print version, to prepare for the NCE.

As far as the NCMHCE, I used an online source:
They charge a fee which allows access to sample exams. The NCMHCE is structured differently enough from other exams that taking the samples online was invaluable. I found it worth the expense. Also, it seemed that the exam questions on the sample was consistently more difficult than on the actual exam, so if you master the ones online, you should be in fine shape for the real one. The Encyclopedia of Counseling would be a good supplement to studying for this exam also.

Best of luck to you!
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GRRR...sample questions WERE consistently more difficult.
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