Cthulize a small lamp
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MakerFilter: at work, I have a couple of LED lamps we use to monitor build status. Help me Cthulu-ize them.

These are the color-changing USB lamps that we use to monitor build status. They're about 3" tall and 2" diameter. They rise off the desk on 4" posts.

I want to make them glow through some kind of Cthulu mask so it's not just a boring light. I could just whack a hat over them, but it would probably have to be custom made (or shrunk) given the size difference.

I could wrap something like this fanny pack around post, but then it would just be a light on top of a thing.

I could cut up one of these dice bags, but I'm dubious.

Any bright ideas?
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Check out some of the online tutorials for making cthulhu Jar Specimens. Here's a random one, I've seen others. The murky liquid can be illuminated from underneath by the lamp recessed into a base, or from above with the lamp disquised as a lid or wax-and-twine wrapped giant cork stopper.
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I always thought the glowing crystal skull effect was super creepy or talking dead head in a box. But anything that involves tentacles or the look/feel of murky water would be a step in the right direction. Lovecraft was terrified of the ocean so those and other fish-like references were big themes in his work.
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What about using a mug or candle holder (2) as a base for the light?
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Thanks - I think some kind of clay (fimo?) could well be part of the final solution.
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