Please help me find a cruise to fit all my allergies!
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I have some diet restrictions, I'm looking for a cruise line that can accommodate them for our Honeymoon next June. 1. I need gluten free options 2. I need gluten free & vegetarian options (IE, soups without meat & gluten, or salads etc...) 3. I need the meat to contain no addativies, injections, brines, etc... it needs to be all natural (ex, like sprouts or wholefoods) I've found carnival has options 1 and 2, but not 3. Any cruises that can meet all 3? General allergies: fish, nuts, some citrus, sulfites
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I'm confused - are you looking for a cruise line that has gluten free options, vegetarian options, and "all-natural" carnivore options? Otherwise, you could just eat vegetarian through the honeymoon and all of your requests would be met.
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Is is all additives, injections, brines or just some? For example, can you consume salted meat?
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A few options:

Macrocruise in Croatia: "Our vision entails the promotion of a lifestyle that favours the use of organic food and household articles, and vegetarian and macrobiotic diets."

Seabourn: "Guests with a variety of severe food allergies sail with Seabourn regularly. Our galley staff on board is accustomed to and experienced in dealing with these types of needs. [..] As such, Seabourn cannot guarantee that a guest will not come in contact with those items."

"Guests with special dietary needs are asked to notify Seabourn at the time of booking or at the latest, six weeks before sailing. [...] Every effort will be made to comply with special dietary requests. "

Tauck: "Many special dietary needs can be accommodated on Tauck journeys with advance notice but cannot be guaranteed. Different destinations make some dietary needs harder to accommodate than others. We will do everything possible in communicating your requests to hotels and restaurants. Common dietary requests like ‘ low sodium’ or ‘vegetarian’ are likely to be accommodated much easier than very special or unique dietary needs. Meals that are full a la carte offer more flexibility for special dietary requests as do some limited a la carte meals. For the occasional ‘set menu’ or ‘buffet meals’ on Tauck journeys, unique dietary needs may prove a bit more challenging."
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My brother in law - who has Celiac- has had good experiences with Disney - can't speak to the other issues.
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