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What shows up on a Kroll background check?

I recently got a job where I had to fill out a form approving a full background check by this company. It looks incredibly comprehensive. I'm wondering about what kinds of sources they actually check to get this sort of information, and what kinds of things show up in the report.

Has anyone ever requested their report (as you have a right to under the law?) Was it accurate?

Also, how does the report look? Do prospective employees get ratings, or writeups in certain categories? Are there kinds of activity that are somehow 'flagged' for employers as potentially problematic?

Below is the text of the agreement I filled out.
Such reports may include, but are not limited to, nformation as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living; discerned through employment and education verifications; personal references and interviews; my personal credit history based on reports from any credit bureau; my driving history, including any traffic citations; workers’ compensation records after a conditional job offer has been extended and to the extent permitted by law; a social security number trace; present and former addresses; criminal and civil history/records; and any other public record...any and all courts, public agencies, law enforcement agencies and credit bureaus.
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Obtaining Your Background Report From Kroll (when a report has been previously requested about you)

(bonus fact about Kroll: the son of the founder is Nick Kroll, a hilarious comedian and actor)
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I don't know how it works with this company, but for federal background checks I've heard that generally it's not certain kinds of activity (with the obvious exceptions) but that the person being checked has not disclosed those activites/relatives/history.

As to sources, I'm not sure what Kroll does, but on the last call I got from someone doing a background check the checker mentioned having gone to the neighborhood where the person lived and knocking on doors unsuccessfully, and asked if I had any phone numbers for neighbors in that area.
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