Romantic getaway hotels near Bay Area?
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Cheap wine county hotels/motels/ B&B's? I am planning a romantic getaway in August. We want to check out an area 1-2 hours away from San Francisco, and preferably in Napa or Sonoma. But, if you know of other romantic weekend getaways, we are open to exploring! We have been to hot springs that were also amazing. We are on a budget, but sifting through Kayak and is a chore and not always accurate, so we would love your recommendations. Thanks so much!
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August is pretty much high season in Napa & Sonoma and you won't find bargains at all on weekends (though you might on weekdays). You might have better luck heading off the beaten path to locations further inland like the high Sierras or something. If you're set on Napa/Sonoma, you might try AirBnB or VRBO and get on waiting lists for last-minute cancellations.
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Also if you're not set on Napa and Sonoma, you should consider the various other wine-producing valleys in and around the SFBA. The Willamette, the Anderson, or the central coast (Paso Robles/San Luis Obispo) to start.
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We really enjoyed the Sea Glass Inn in Fort Bragg. It'll still be high season, but much less crazy than wine country (and there ARE wineries along Highway 128, not to mention a strange and beautiful little state park -- on recommendation of our hosts we didn't take it there, but we did take it back). We enjoyed going to Sea Glass Beach, the Botanical Gardens, North Coast Brewing Co.'s restaurant, the extremely beautiful Point Cabrillo Lighthouse (it's never REALLY crowded, they said, when I asked about summer), and Mendocino.

We also went to Lassen National Volcanic Park last year in summer, and it wasn't crowded at all, which is nice. That's a little more than a couple hours away, but it's really beautiful. We stayed at the St. Bernard Lodge. It wasn't expensive. It might be more driving than you want to do for a Saturday/Sunday, though.

Have a good getaway, wherever you go!
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I had a lovely 40th birthday weekend at the Calderwood Inn in Healdsburg. Healdsburg is great because all of the wineries are within walking distance in a great little town full of excellent boutiques and restaurants. No need for a designated driver. Not sure what prices are like, but Healdsburg is enough off the beaten path that it may be a good destination for you. Enjoy!
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Try the zipline just down the road (Bohemian Hwy). Get a fougasse at the WildFlour Bakery in Freestone Take Coleman Valley Road out to the coast. Eat at Howards (across the street from Occidental Hotel).
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Best answer: Wow, I live here and didn't know about the Occidental Hotel, which looks reasonable and nice. Seconding a visit to the Wildflour Bakery. We always have to buy two loaves because one never makes it home.

In general, the smaller, lesser known towns might be a good bet, e.g., Windsor, Occidental, Glen Ellen, Forestville, and Sebastopol. For example, here's a place in Glen Ellen, this one in Windsor, or this one in Sebastopol.

Good luck, and if you find a great spot, let us know.
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Santa Rosa could also be a good place to stay. VRBO shows several small cottages at reasonable prices.
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