Which Kindle Amazon store - UK or Australian/US?
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I live in Australia. My new Kindle is hooked up to the Amazon.co.uk store for legacy reasons. Should I bother trying to change it to amazon.com like most Kindles in Australia do?

I had a Kindle delivered from Amazon.com recently. Because I bought it from amazon.com, I assumed it would connect to my amazon.com account. However I used to live in the UK and it seems that, although I *thought* I had 2 Amazon accounts (amazon.com and amazon.co.uk) -- Amazon believes that I only have Amazon UK, or that that is my 'home' account.

So there are 2 parts to my question:
a) Overall, in terms of price & range, is it better to be on Amazon.com? (Or rather, the Australian version of Amazon.com)

b) If I want to change my Kindle from UK to Amazon.com, is this very complicated? I can find a few possible ways of doing it from Googling, but none sound guaranteed to work in my situation, short of appealing directly to Amazon.

More info:
- Yes, I do have access to a standard Australian/Amazon.com Kindle for comparison.
-- From doing random title comparisons, some books are cheaper on UK, and some (possibly more) are cheaper on US. And all UK Kindle books have VAT (sales tax).
-- The UK one seems to have more titles (500k+ novels compared to about 480k on Amazon.com Kindle).
- The Amazon.com one has Kindle Singles which my AmazonUK Kindle does not have.
- I assume that Kindles sold to Australian customers give a modified version of amazon.com so we are probably not comparing an American Kindle directly to a UK Kindle here...
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a) Yes, there are more books, they are cheaper, and they get them first on .com. The US also gets Singles. There are also games I cannot download from a .co.uk account.

b) No, it's very easy: Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Country Settings (on the left.) Go look at it now; you should be able to simply change the country with no address or credit card information required.

You assumption about Kindles sold to Australiam customers is incorrect. Change your country to the US and it is exactly like you bought a US Kindle.
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This is not true, Australian customers can purchase only a subset of books from Amazon.com, which have an Australian market licensing agreement (I.e. only a minority of ebooks). You can change the country but can't buy many titles with an AU credit card.
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Yes it's true we can only buy a subset; that can be the only reason why I actually see fewer books on a UK-registered Kindle than on an Australian one!!!
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