Would you look at the time? (And try to recognise this watch)
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My friend lost her beloved silver watch, which she bought at Disneyland 1-2 years ago. Her birthday is coming up and my friend and I want to pitch in and get her another one in the same style. Can you recognise the type of watch from these semi-blurry Facebook pictures, and/or tell me where to find it?

Photos of the watch here, here and here. The stack of bracelets she wears with it are not part of the watch.

If said watch doesn't really exist anymore, any suggestions as to something similar for under $150 (deliverable to Australia) would be most welcome!
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It's not this one?
posted by MuffinMan at 5:04 AM on July 30, 2012

Could it be this one?

Do you remember any other details? Were there charms on the watch? Characters?
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I think MuffinMan might have it - I didn't think that was it at first because the watch is definitely all-silver, but she could have taken the coloured charms off. Does anyone know somewhere that sells it that would ship to Australia? (Amazon doesn't.)

Pecanpies, I don't think it's that because the black Mickey Mouse isn't visible at all in the photos - it definitely has a white/pale face. I don't think I ever specifically looked at her watch, so all I have to go on are those photos!
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OK. When I look at the third photo you posted, I actually see something on the watch face. I thought it might've been a character but it must just be a shadow.
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Hm. Whatever is on the face (in the third photo) doesn't look like Tink. The face is also too small in comparison to the chains in the Tinkerbell watch (whereas in the photos the chain appears very delicate).

Do you get any sense of which characters were on the watch? If she isn't, say, a fan of the new Disney Fairies (tm) line, she might not be into a watch with that theme, no matter how visually similar it is.

Can you ask someone who has seen the watch what the theme was?
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Ah, I thought it was a shadow, but I might be wrong! She loves Disney as a whole, but I don't think she has a particular favourite character - perhaps, if anything, the 90s princesses (Ariel, Belle etc) which were the ones we grew up with. I don't know if she's a fan of Tink or not.

I'm trying to think of who would have seen the watch but she went to Disneyland on a dance trip and I've never met any of her dance troupe, all of whom live in her old hometown (which is in another state). The problem is that it's quite a subtle watch - although I've hung out with her dozens of times while she's worn it, I've never actually looked at it; it sort of just became a part of her bracelet stack!

Thanks for all the help so far guys!
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It looks like there are a lot of different versions of that charm bracelet watch, and then other chain-bracelet watches with a heart-shaped face, maybe an update of the older design? I've been looking through google shopping results, but can't find a non-charm round face chain-bracelet type watch.. :(
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This may seem ridiculous, but have you considered getting in touch with Disneyland customer service, either directly by phone, or through their social media accounts? I have heard a lot of great stories about their customer service for random sentimental quests like this - returning lost stuffed animals and the like - which would seem even further-fetched. If you could pin down when she purchased it and perhaps which of the stores (credit card statement?), it may get you the exact information you need and a link to buy a replacement.
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There are a few Disney charm bracelet watches on eBay.
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I've sent an email to Disneyland customer service - fingers crossed they can help me! Thanks everyone!
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