Help get Amazon Prime to give me sound on my PS3
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PS3 + Amazon Instant Video is giving me no sound. PS3 works perfectly with sound with all other games/movies etc.

This is probably the worst time to be asking a mefi question, but I am stuck. I have a PS3 hooked up to my TV via HDMI. The PS3 is hooked up to my network via ethernet, not wifi on a +10mbs connection.

PS3 works great. Video and sound are functional. Games, streaming videos from my network, Plex streaming all work as they should.

I recently learned that there is an Amazon app on the Playstation, so I immediately downloaded the app, and hooked it up to my Amazon Prime account. Everything went smooth, and the app looks great. Good functionality, quick and easy to use.

So I try a test video. Frasier. Video loads up quickly, HD works great, but no sound. I tried multiple times, with different videos and all the same. Good video, no sound. Trying reloading the app. Tried rebooting the system, but nothing.

Once I enter the app, I realize there is not the standard PS3 clicking when you move the cursor. Its there before the app, and after you exit the app but not in the app.

Any thoughts? Searches on google haven't left me much. I will probably try on some PS3 forums, but they tend to not be very fruitful.
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Response by poster: They were actually very helpful. Turns out the 'automatic' setting on the PS3 was not so automatic. Had to switch the audio output to manual and choose the proper audio profile.
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