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Simple household tips

Inspired by the short videos here, I wan to find out if there are more collections of simple household and life tips that use things in creative, unexpected ways to make life easier and better. Individual tips from you own life or resources fom the net are both welcome!
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Unfuck Your Habitat is my new favorite site for home organization (mainly a focus on cleaning and decluttering). It's like Flylady with 75% less Jesus and 200% more swearing.
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The book Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson, is a great resource for everything to do with your house.

Here's an example tip: "Heat will set spots on fabrics caused by toner powder from your computer's printer. If you should soil your clothes with toner powder, wipe it off with a clean dry cloth and wash it out with cold water" (p. 384).

Her section on how to make a bed is also excellent.
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instant folded tshirt.
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The "Home Comforts" book that k8lin mentions is great. Not just as a book of household tips; it's actually enjoyable merely on its merits as a book. The author is a good writer.
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Best answer: I found 18 household tips that will help you get through your everyday life incredibly creative.
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My kitchen life became markedly easier when I bought some industrial-strength scissors dedicated to an eternal life in the knife drawer. Also, a vegetable peeler makes a jim-dandy cherry pitter.
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Some unexpected but handy ways to use a rubber band.
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Among flex's many fabulous posts to the blue, there was this absolutely fantastic one that caused me to iron my floor.
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(I like Unclutterer too. Neither Jesus nor swearing.)
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I used to be a bit of a slob. I worked in a kitchen where "clean as you go" was the motto. That fixed things significantly for me.
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I always keep a spray bottle of club soda handy - I use it to clean mirrors and windows but it's also great for cleaning cat barf and hairballs off carpets. Does a fantastic job without the strong smells and toxins of store-bought cleaners.
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Rust Hills used to say: "Cleaning up as you go is half the fun."
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I meant "go along."
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Response by poster: The same people of the first video posted a second clip, incorporating some of the tips found in tinymegalo's link.
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Brushing your teeth with straight baking soda and a little water, and gargling with peroxide can sometimes be more effective than any name brand tooth care products. The baking soda can help scrub and clean teeth better than toothpaste and the peroxide disinfects and whitens teeth (read the label). The peroxide gargled too much and too often can make your teeth sensitive. Do your research to see if it is right for you. - Kanaan Minks
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