Landlords: What websites get you the best results for advertising room-rentals / shared accommodation?
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Landlords: What websites get you the best results for advertising room-rentals / shared accommodation?

I've tried Kijiji and Craigslist but haven't had much in terms of inquiries. I've looked at some other sites such as,, - but the all charge monthly and I just don't know if it's worth it.

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Best answer: As a person who occasionally looks at ads, I can give you some insight into what grabs my eye as a prospective tenant:

1. Lots of information. Where is the unit located, what's near it, what is transport like, parking, etc. What kind of flooring, washer and dryer? Dishwasher? Central heat and air? What recreational stuff is around, pool, tennis, parks.

2. Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Not just the outside, but the kitchens and bathrooms. If you have hardwoods, I want to know. Window coverings, blinds, ugly curtains, tin foil. What's the furniture like in the common areas? Is it a pig sty or nice and clean?

3. What price are you asking, does it include utilities, how much deposit, what about my cats?

4. Since I'm renting a room, tell me about your lifestyle. Are you laid back, clean, quiet, a partier, what are the ages of the other folks living in the unit? You cool with 420 or are you not down with it?

5. Do I get my own bathroom or am I sharing with someone else. Is that someone else going to use my toothbrush?

Renting a room is fraught with peril. It's way more about how personalities mesh than what the room is like. If you can give me a feel for what it's like to live with you, and I think we'll work out well together, then I'd be WAY more inclined to ping you about your ad, than if you put in two lines and a phone number.
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Craigslist. I don't even put up a sign in the yard any more.
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Yup, Craigslist. I rented my house out the same day we advertised on CL, didn't have to do anything else.
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Oh, I see you already have a CL ad. Do what Ruthless Bunny suggests, and give LOTS OF DETAIL. Try also to include a keyword line in which you put any possible search terms not covered in your very detailed ad. This may include schools or employers located nearby, different terms for the same thing (house/home/ranch/cottage), and literally anything else you can think of that might get more eyes on your post.
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Everything Ruthless Bunny says plus

a floor plan: even if you are just renting a room, it's nice to show how room fits within the house/apartment.

room dimensions: always include this information. "Huge" and "fits a queen size bed" are not useful substitutes for X' by Y'.
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Also, I'd mention the following things, because I'd be renting a room from you as a prospective tenant:

1. Furnished or unfurnished? If furnished, with what?

2. Do you have pets? If so, what kind and how many? Would you allow the tenant to acquire a pet, if they don't move in with one?

3. Food - are there any food/dietary restrictions that you require the tenant abide by? If so, list them. It seems to be a petty issue, but I very nearly had a room lined up in Seattle, just to find out when I got there that the landlord/room renter forbade beef on the property. As a diehard carnivore who loves cow, I really would have appreciated that info to be in the ad - because I wouldn't have answered the ad, and wasted an afternoon looking at the place.

4. Scents and allergies. If you're allergic to perfumes/scented products, please mention that. If you *use* perfumes/scented products, please mention that. Like with pets and mold, some people have really strong reactions to the stuff. It's good to know that up front.
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Try airbnb good for short-term accommodations that could potentially turn long. You can set your parameters for duration of time and the good thing is it is community based, you will probably come across a potential tenant who has rented from a landlord on airbnb and their reviews will be right there.
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What city are you advertising in? There are still a lot of local blogs and newspapers that have well read online classifieds.
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