Converting dual temperature valves to thermostatic
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Plumbing filter: Is there any way to convert an old shower with separate hot and cold valves into a thermostatic valve? Picture inside.

I've got an old shower in my rental apartment with separate hot and cold valves. It's nearly impossible to maintain a temperature, and I'd like to remedy this. Looking at the photo of the valves, moving from left to right the valves are for hot, shower/tub, and cold. I'd like to convert this dual-valve setup so it uses a thermostatic valve. Can anyone tell me if this is possible, what parts I need, and how much a plumber might charge for the labor?
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You have to open up the wall and remove the manual valves than put in a new valve body. They do make large cover plates for doing exactly this that cover the tile/hole in the wall. I would think a plumber would need about 2 hours or so to do it, maybe 400-500 with parts? If they can get to the back of the wall(side without tile) it might be easier.
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Could you point me in the direction of these cover plates? Thanks!
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Here's the Moen remodeling covered plate for this, I did exactly this process recently, though it was as a part of redoing the entire house's plumbing.

You don't say what sort of plumbing you've got, and I suspect that'll make a difference. When a friend and I did this part of the plumbing, the hard part wasn't this valve, the size of that cover plate let us cut enough of a hole in the tile that we could easily adjust the valve, the hard part was re-running the run to the shower head. If you've got existing copper or PEX I believe this'll be trivial, if you've got galvanized steel then I don't know.
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I recently had this done to my shower. The plate is called a conversion plate. I bought the new single handled Delta valve and the plumber brought the conversion plate. So far so good and made my 70's shower look a lot more modern.
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I'm not sure what kind of plumbing it is, but I'll ask the landlord. Thanks for all the tips! PJMoore, do you remember how much the procedure cost? How much was parts v. labor?
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