Medicaid therapy?
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I have a friend who lives in Bolingbrook, IL (Will County). She has a car. She's looking for a mental health care professional. There are complications.

She has some form of medicaid ( She has found that most private practice therapists do not take medicaid. What should she do? She feels like she really needs someone to talk to.
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Best answer: A friend of mine used to work for Trinity Services in Lockport. They have behavioral health/mental illness group therapy there, not sure if they do individual therapy or if your friend would have her needs met, but I bet they could refer you to someone nearby. Good luck.
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Response by poster: jabes, that nails it. they say on the site that they do individual counseling and take medicaid/all kids. i'm going to have her call. still watching this thread!
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Best answer: Googling "low cost counseling" + Bolingbrook turns up Community Service of Northern Will County.
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