Do you have good examples of WYSIWYG / GUI based editors for User Interface or App design?
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Do you have good examples of WYSIWYG / GUI based editors for User Interface or App design?

I'm writing a report on interface design and need to give examples of various WYSIWYG Editors for different purposes. For example:

Flash and/or Fireworks for designing Web Apps and rich content sites.
Dreamweaver for Web design.
Microsoft Expression Blend for UI Design.
Flash combined with Scaleform for Game UI Design.

Are there any other successful interface design tools that I have missed, that use a GUI rather than primarily code based.
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All of the Microsoft developer tools with names that begin with "Visual" are usually designed around a drag-and-drop interface, as are their commercial competitors and even some open source competitors.
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Apple's Interface Builder provides a GUI for laying out iOS apps.
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Omnigraffle works very nicely for web design, if you are talking about the design, and not the coding part.
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I honestly would not use Dreamweaver as a good example of a web design app UI. It's a mess to work in. Sadly, Adobe killed their good example of a wysiwyg UI, GoLive.

Coda, on the Mac, is a pretty slick gui web editor. There's also Espresso.
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There is the layout mode in App inventor formerly of Google and now based at MIT. It is couples with a scratch like backend for writing the code, but the layout of the buttons and things is almost WYSIWYG, except for the things that can be added and aren't able to be seen (in reality they have no visual components like sounds and a timekeeper).
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Apple's Interface Builder operates on the OSX side as well, and actually goes back all the way to Cocoa's ancestor, NeXT, in the early 1990s. A little discussion on c2wiki.

The current big X11 toolkits have Glade, QtDesigner, wxGlade (no relation), and probably miscellaneous other tools.

The direct-manipulation tradition you're talking about owes a lot to the old Smalltalk community (eg via), which survives in things like Squeak. Here's a Squeak UI builder.
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even good old Visio is pretty useful for GUI design. The OOB shapes aren't that attractive, but there are plenty available that are pretty good.
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