British-friendly bar in Chicago for Olympics viewing
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Suggestions for a British-friendly bar in Chicago, for Olympics viewing?

My boyfriend's English, and I think it would be fun to watch the opening ceremonies surrounded by British people!

We live in Chicago... I figure there must be some bar in this enormous city that'll be gathering spot for ex pats? I haven't had any luck googling to find a pub- but maybe someone on Metafilter will have an idea? Thank you!
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There's probably something going on at The Globe
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I was just looking for this same thing in DC myself and noticed a bunch of 'Where to watch the games' type stuff was posted on local lifestyle-y sites like the day before opening ceremonies, so be sure to check those on Thursday.

I bet English will have something doing.
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Fado Irish Pub

(I have been gifted the Guinness Social and Sporting club keychain by their waitrons which gives me 10% off weekends and 20% off my total bill on weekdays - this was a long time ago)
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I haven't been to the Lincoln Square Red Lion Pub (the one in Lincoln Park is closed), so I don't know if they have sports on TV, but it's worth a call.
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The first two places I thought of were The Globe and Red Lion, so I'm seconding those suggestions. (And to answer hydrophonic's question, Red Lion does have TVs and will be showing the Olympics according to their FB page.)
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!! This is great. I didn't know about any of these pubs. I'll check local listings and check in with these bars in a few days... and I'll update if I find something else helpful!
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