Red Riding Trilogy Questions
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Questions about the Red Riding trilogy (the movies, not the books). [spoilers]

First of all, I'm confused as to why Craven gave Dunford a fully-loaded pistol before pushing him out of a moving van at the end of Part 1. No theories I've thought of on my own or read online make any sense.

Second of all, I understand the connection to the Yorkshire Ripper, but what of the pedophile ring and ensuing coverup? How much of the material in the films is based at least partly on real-life events, and how much is fictionalized? Was corruption a huge issue in The North and, if so, were those people ever officially outed publicly or charged or anything like that?

And finally, do people in The North not use the word "was"? I were, he were, she were, it were... What's wrong with "was"!!
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I can't answer the first question, I'm afraid.
For the second question, much of that plot strand is related to the case of Stefan Kiszko (see here). It's an appalling miscarriage of justice. Corruption was, doubtless, a part of police life in the period. Growing up in that area at precisrly that time I have strong childhood memories of children of my age going missing, in particular Sarah Harper, who was one of the victims of Robert Black.
Thirdly, yes, that's absolutely standard useage of 'were' in the north of England. See something from the BL here.
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Re: the first question - it's been a while, but I thought he was expecting Dunford to commit suicide, or at least to string himself up. I think at that point Dawson wasn't worth protecting as far as the rank-and-file were concerned, and if he got taken out by a mad Dunford then that would solve two problems in one.
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