How to get data consolidated from a bunch of computers with money rather than work?
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Service to pull data off a bunch of old computers and then recycle, in bay area?

Hi everyone,

So I'm in the SF bay area and I have a TON of old useless computers. 2 old mac laptops, 1 old windows laptop, and one old windows desktop. As far as I know, none of them work anymore. About to move across the country, so it's time to deal with it.

Here's what I'd like to be able to do:
- pay someone a not unreasonable amount of money to
- take all the machines
- yank their hard drives
- copy their hard drives either to a big usb drive or to a bunch of DVDs
- either destroy the old hard drives or give them back to me, and
- recycle the rest.

Does anyone know any business around here that will do that sort of thing? Surely this has to be a need that people in silicon valley have all the time...

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Response by poster: (addendum: as far as I know, all the hard drives still work (they mostly have fried motherboards/dead power supplies/etc.). if any turn out not to work, I don't need recovery services, will just discard.
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Alameda County Computer Recycling Center will do it for you. Computers are free, other electronics and small appliances are I believe a buck each. They will also wipe hard drives for a fee. What can be reused goes to schools, the rest is ecologically scrapped.
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Oh, they won't do the copying, but for that just get a USB - IDE/ATA adaptor from central computer and DIY. Also, ACCRC do free pickup for Alameda County residents.
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For satisfying hard drive destruction, the paper shredding place off gilman in Berkeley will punch holes in your drives and run magnets over them. Fun.
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