How can I buy or make a replacement bent wire shelf-hanger for my bookcase?
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I bought a bookcase (with adjustable shelves) off Craigslist. All of the shelves were included, but not all of the little bent-wire bits (photos inside) that hold the shelves in place. Where can I find replacements?

They look like this (like this when mounted) and each fits into a groove along the edge of a shelf.

Is it possible to buy replacements for these off-the-shelf?

If not, it seems like they should be relatively easy to fabricate—but where would I go to have it done (when I only need 10 or so)? Or is there some kind of tool I can buy to bend wire with enough precision to do it myself?
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Check Home Depot or Lowes. I've bought replacement shelf hardware there before - not the exact one you need, but that had drawers of various types of pins and hangers for cabinets and bookshelves.
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Also, if they don't have that exact hanger, get creative. Those little metal pins that come with cheap bookshelves might be a viable substitute, and I know you can get those at the hardware store.
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If there is an IKEA near you, I think they have the pins in their replacement hardware section, and I think they are free. (I may be misremembering - but I think there are a bunch of bins right by where you pick up your furniture order/process returns that has them).
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Best answer: if ya don't mind the wait Woodworkers has them.
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Response by poster: Wow! Thanks—I can't find my measuring tape to check the length of the ones I have, but assuming they are one of the sizes available at that Woodworkers link, I'm all set. I really didn't think I would find these so easily.
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