Where to eat in Depoe Bay OR
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Where should I go for a really, really good meal in Depoe Bay, Newport or Lincoln City Oregon? Snowflake details inside.

My husband and I are going to spend 2 nights in Depoe Bay, Oregon. We want to have 3 really excellent meals while we're there. One excellent dinner, one excellent breakfast and/or brunch, and one excellent lunch.

For the dinner, we want to go someplace where we can see the ocean, maybe watch the sunset, drink wine and eat seafood and/or steak. I want to feel quiet and peaceful, attended to but not hurried. I want to gaze into my husband's eyes and share a fancy dessert with him. We like places with local flavor, cocktails and creative dishes, with a slight preference for modern and/or upscale decor, but that is absolutely secondary to the food. We don't want to dress up too much, but business casual would be fine. The cost of the meal is not a factor.

For the lunch, we want to go to a sea side shack that sells giant bowls of clam chowder and serves it with hunks of bread the size of your head. Or maybe we want grilled fish sandwiches on thick homemade bread. We don't mind being with the tourists, but we don't need that either. We want to swill this down with a few local IPAs. By the ocean would be a plus, but being in a cool neighborhood with things to wander around and look at would also be fun.

For the breakfast and/or brunch, we'd love to go have breakfast at a local place where the food is awesome and the Coast Guard comes in to grab a bite before a shift. We'd also love to have a fancy-shmancy brunch -- but with good food, not warmed over stuff on a hot plate. Diners, fancy hotels, whatever -- as long as the food is really good.

If it's relevant, we will be in Depoe Bay for a Sunday and Monday night, and Monday and Tuesday mornings. We'd prefer to stick around Depoe Bay, but don't mind driving.

Can you recommend a restaurant for any of these meals?
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Best answer: I've dined at Local Ocean in Newport (#1 on Urbanspoon), which seems like a good fit for your more casual needs. I have friends who live in Newport and they like Local Ocean as well. My friends are serious foodies so I will drop them a line and ask them what else they recommend.
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I also came in here to say Local Ocean.

I no longer live in Oregon but oh do I still have dreams about the fresh ocean air blowing over my face on a sunny days, watching the ships come in, and stuffing myself on fresh clams in butter and white wine sauce or mussels in spicy coconut broth. That places is the stuff of paradise.
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Best answer: Here's my friend's response:

Let me get some ideas out on the plate here. It would be tough. She's a city person, I am sure, and Depoe Bay and Newport are small, small, small.

I know they will be in Depoe Bay and would prefer eating there, but I will have to give Newport fare because there was only one place I could recommend in Depoe Bay and I haven't been there in a while. The drive isn't long and it's quite pretty.

I'll say if Arr Place is Newport is open for Sunday brunch, this will be her best bet. Everything cooked from scratch from local and sustainable ingredients, phenomenal desserts, really cool owners (no-nonsence types). It is hard to find, but I think they explain on their facebook page how to get there. http://arrplace.com/ Have her look them up on Facebook, their website won't have hours I don't think, but her FB page has all that and more.

The only place that remotely addresses her dinner wishes is Saffron Salmon on the BayFront, so there's no ocean view but Bay view would work, I think. In terms of food it will provide all that she wants (except maybe cocktails and desserts -- I haven't had cocktail there and I am afraid I've been too full after dinner to get dessert). Very good winelist -- local wine. Excellent steak. Great rack of lamb, too. Always fantastic salmon (hence the name). Always excellent fish stew with saffron (hence another part of the name). No worries about being dressed fancy. It's the Pacific Northwest and it's the Coast. Business casual will be just fine.

Georgies' beachside grill certainly has a better view of the ocean, but it is seriously more mediocre food. On the other hand, they do serve really good clam chowder and local beer on tap. Green Lakes Organic IPA from Bend is loved by the local coasties as well as the over-the-Cascades folks. I'd recommend this spot for lunch, not for dinner. It is a hotel restaurant, but it is located in a different building and I vouch, locals do come there all the time. BTW, for breakfast too.

An altogether different choice for lunch which comes with my recommendation is La Maison Bistro, the chef is great, food is great, but clam chowder is a matter of the soup of the day, so no guarantee. The chicken cordon bleu/steak w/decadent potatoes au gratin is on the reg menu and the hamburger is to die for -- honestly. Unless you hate bleu cheese. But this is not what they were looking for.

Rogue will offer a huge selection of beer on tap and I think clam chowder is fine there -- I remember smoked salmon caesar, shrimp melt, fish and chips. DO NOT go to the one on the bayfront. Drive across the bridge (101 South) and go to the Rogue World Headquarters (very funny name since it's a super unassuming place). Same food, same beer, MUCH MUCH better service -- but even there service is not a strong point. Sorry, just telling the truth. Again, locals go there. All the time. And Rogue is as local as it gets -- beer made right there on site. [Matildaben's note: I have been to the Rogue World Headquarters and second her recommendation. They also sell t-shirts there.]

Another altogether different choice for lunch is Local Ocean. Beer only in bottle, food is an asian fusion style (but always featuring local seafood and its staples like grilled fish and chips, crab po boy, local oysters). Always PACKED, very popular. BayFront location.
Oh, no clam chowder in Local Ocean, but they have a good crab and garlic soup. Unique! No one else has it.

Mo's is a famous chowder place, but I cannot recommend it. I do like avocado crab salad there though. Bayfront.

Fish Tales (Acquarium Village) also across the bridge is a cool choice for lunch or breakfast if you don't want fancy breaksast. But the lunch -- if they want clam chowder, Slumgullion is the ticket. Yum! SLOW. Very slow. Real slow food. No alcohol.
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Not classy but my favorite place in Newport is the Lighthouse Deli. It's a hole in the wall crab shack and it is awesome. Apparently according to the interwebs they might have changed their name to the South Beach Fish Market.
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If you can make the drive to Yachats, Ona might fit the dinner bill. It is about 90 minutes from Depoe Bay, though.
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We frequent the coast and I have been to all the places mentioned above. I would go with Restaurant Beck for your dinner option. It is modern, upscale, and uses local seafood and meats creatively, almost a little too creatively at times (which was our only beef with the place, some dishes were a bit heavy handed but overall excellent food). It is one of the few places on the coast, in my opinion, that has stellar "city" service. Attentive, not overbearing, well-informed, etc.

It says they are open Wed - Saturday but that "starting Feb 6th" they will be open 7 days a week. So hopefully that is the case and the website is outdated.

Here is a peek at their view (which I can confirm is much better than these pictures show) and here is a peek at the food (with a bonus view shot). (REAL TIME UPDATE: their website is acting up but it is restaurantbeck.com and check out their gallery for those food and view shots.)

I would recommend the 5 or 7 course tasting menu. Each dish is thoroughly explained by your server of the chef himself, and it is a great way to get a bit of everything - great local vegetables, seafood, meat, etc.

The only drawback is that the restaurant is essentially in the lobby area of a fancy boutique hotel. So if you don't score a seat by the window it can feel a little like you are, well, in the lobby of a hotel. But I think on a Sunday or Monday you should not have a problem, request a great seat when you make your reservation.

For lunch, Tidal Raves is a great option. Excellent view, decent+ food for lunchtime. For your second dinner, I would go to Local Ocean in Newport, mentioned above. Great use of local seafood. Not as upscale as Restaurant Beck and the view is not as great, but a good choice overall especially for that second dinner. And fun to stroll on the boardwalk-ish area where it is located. I like Saffron Salmon, mentioned above, but I think the Tidal Raves view is much better. If you can squeeze another lunch in, Saffron Salmon is a good option.

Stay away from Mo's. Truly awful food and chowder. Don't believe all the billboards!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am a city person, but I grew up in Oregon and have spent a lot of time on the coast, so I know what to expect. I haven't been there in a million years though. I will look into all of these!
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Response by poster: I'm back from my trip. Here's where we ate, for future askers.

We ate lunch at Ocean Blue Seafood, in Newport. The crab hush puppies and house-smoked salmon were amazing. The chowder was pretty good too, although I refuse to engage in "who has the best chowder" discussions. This place had the kind of "plain, good food" I was looking for, but also had some really innovative dishes (like those crab hush puppies).

We had dinner at Tidal Raves restaurant in Depoe Bay instead of Local Ocean, due to a scheduling problem (ours). We had house-smoked shrimp, scallops and rock fish. The preparation was lovely, the service was good, the view was excellent, and that house-smoked shrimp was amazing. This was about 90% of my dream, which was more than good enough.

Our B&B had a really good breakfast, so we never made it out anyplace for breakfast.
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