Good strategy games for the XBox?
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I've just been lent an XBox 360 discovered that I'm utterly, embarrassingly dreadful at First (or Third) Person Shooters. What I have enjoyed beyond all expectations though is Petroglyph's splendid Panzer General: Allied Assault (I'm a big time tabletop and card gamer and own the physical game too). So, lovely hivemind, can you suggest any excellent card/war/strategy games for an XBox I might enjoy just as much? Thanks!
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I like Blood Bowl, which is turn-based.
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I really like Catan for the 360. I hear Carcassonne is good as well, though I haven't played it.

I think Civilization Revolution is an excellent port of the PC game, very addicting. I've actually preferred it to most of the PC versions because it moves a bit quicker.
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I enjoyed the Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers game.

Well, except for Nicol Bolas. That dragon mofo CHEATS.
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Catan, Carcassone and Ticket to Ride are all excellent on the Xbox. You might also like Greed Corp., Risk: Factions (crazy amount of fun) and R.U.S.E.
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Thanks guys, I'm demo-ing up even as I type! Just played a swift game of Civ... I say 'swift', I mean I just lost three hours... :-)
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Just as a datapoint, I am an avid gamer and I am *awful* at first person shooters with a console controller. With a keyboard and mouse on a PC, I am pretty dang good.
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Though I don't have any specific game recommendations I would like to suggest dropping by MeFightClub, a site built (more or less) around and for gaming mefites. I'm sure they'll have good recommendations and if any of the games are multi-player you will probably find great people with whom to play (instead of the stereotypical insult-filled 13-year-olds).
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Culdcept Saga, which is a CCG/boardgame/RPG hybrid that doesn't have great graphics or story, but DOES have a delightful set of card mechanics.
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There are Command & Conquer titles for the 360 - that's what I go to when I want a war game that isn't a FPS. I personally like Red Alert 3 the best. Russia has war bears. WAR BEARS!
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