Best sites for Canadians to buy headphones?
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Best sites for Canadians to buy headphones?

Out of the headphone sites I've come across, they either: 1. Have extremely high shipping prices when shipping to Canada (I refuse to pay $30 or $40 for shipping . . . which is what the shipping costs are often like on the headphone sites I've visited). 2. Don't ship to Canada.

Also, I'm a little worried about duty fees. If you could recommend sites that don't hit Canadians with hefty duty fees, that would be great.

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Everything over $20 mailed to Canada from abroad is subject to duty. All commercial couriers will charge it. It's a crapshoot whether a package coming via the mail will be charged; I've had $200 items sneak through, and $22 items charged. Avoid anyone who ships UPS, as their brokerage fee for any item is more than the amount you refuse to pay.
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I'm not sure if it'll carry what you want, but maybe try tigerdirect? If ordering from the States, I can only echo the advice to choose regular mail shipping, and don't get anything shipped via UPS; their fees are absurd.
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Try Moog Audio.
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They don't have a lot of headphones, but Pure Mobile has reasonable rates, and I had no problems ordering from them. I can't remember if they shipped from the U.S or Canada, but I wasn't charged any duty.

Futureshop or Best Buy are options too (they can even ship to a local store, I think)... although I try and avoid the bigger retailers whenever possible.

Can you order direct from the manufacturer?
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I had a good experience ordering a USB DAC from Headphone Bar. They're in Vancouver.
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It looks like has reasonable prices for headphones and ships to Canada.
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