Recommend lawyer in Rochester NY for non-profit organization?
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Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Rochester NY who can set-up a not-for-profit corporation for the "maker space" / community workshop we're starting? We'd like to find someone who's affordable, trustworthy and personable. And we'd like to get some personal recommendations instead of just a list of names from the bar association.
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Best answer: Call Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.

In quickly looking at their site, they may not be the ones to help you but it seems like they could refer you ("business advice"). A similar group here in the ATL is how we incorporated.
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Ask the folks at Buffalo Lab who they used.
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When I set up the 501(c)(3) for our roller derby league in Rochester, I used John Liebschutz at Woods Oviatt. He was awesome.
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Best answer: You might also get good referrals from the folks at Coworking Rochester.
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Best answer: The best way to do this is to ask all the lawyers that you know, regardless of their legal specialization or location, if they know any good lawyers in Rochester NY who can do this for you. Use their networks to your advantage.
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My husband is an attorney that specifically focuses on helping companies start up for a low fee. He is based in San Francisco, but is licensed to practice in New York also. If you are interested and want to talk to him, feel free to message me. He would be happy to do a phone call to discuss your needs and see if its a good fit.
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