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Looking for an electric start gas powered lawn mower. Because of some recent back problems, I would like to avoid yanking on the rope of a recoil start lawn mower.

I don't need a self propelled mower (small lawn), but I do want one gas powered (lawn not that small). I suppose an all electric one is possible, but I've heard they are underpowered and expensive. Any recommendations?
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I've had a Toro electric start mower for a years now and it runs like a champ. I think most of theirs are also self propelled (which is nice regardless I think). 6.5hp is a decent strength mower that'll be able to tackle most lawns + small twigs. If you have drop-offs or mow near a drainage ditch, a mower with large back wheels is also a plus.
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Seconding a Toro. We got a 22" Recycler last summer. It's a good mower. Self-propelled, though. I'm not sure you can get a Toro that isn't self-propelled anymore. I had back surgery a couple of years ago and like the self-propelled aspect. I can't imagine pushing it around on my own with my back.
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Avoid the electrics. Batteries stink, cords stink.

You're probably going to wind up with a self propelled mower, as electric start is typically a premium add-on to the better models of a manufacturer's line.
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How well do you keep up on your lawn? I know you said "gas" but would you consider a very easy-to-push reel mower? The Fiskars reel mower is a revelation - my neighbor's eight-year-old can push mine up our little terrace. It does a really nice job as long as you don't let the lawn get too long. And it's a hell of a lot easier to push than even the lightest gas mowers.
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Consider a non-electric-start motor with a starter you wind up by turning a circular crank on the top.
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Response by poster: Where can I get one of those?
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