Cardiology for Dummies
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Asking for a friend: I'm a student nurse, what resources are available to help me gain a better understanding of cardiology?

I am a second year student nurse in the UK. I'm currently doing a 15 week placement in cardiology and I'm in week 12 of the placement. I'm looking for resources (online /offline) to help me gain a more thorough understanding of cardiology.

Basically I'm looking for "Cardiology for Dummies", but not dumbed down to layman levels.
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Have you asked your school or hospital librarian? I'd recommend starting there.
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The "At a glance" series is really good for overviews and tends to have clear diagrams and piccies - I haven't read the Cardiology one specifically but others have been good. Written at a med student sort of level so it's probably appropriate.

If you need to know anything in detail about ECGs "The ECG made easy" by Hampton is indispensable. I've wasted a lot of money on textbooks, but that little ECG book is the best value by far.

Good luck! I am a med student and it took me a long time to be friends with the heart.
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