Looking for South African novel
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South African novel? A Boer seduces a black girl, they have sex in his Mercedes Benz. The book deals with the seduction that comes before, and the problems afterwards. The white guy is NOT cast as a villain. My friend read this book in the 70s and is looking for it. Thanks!
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It's been a while since I read it, but I immediately thought of Nadine Gordimer's The Conservationist. I can't remember all the plot details, but it sounds like something that could have happened in that novel.
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(An interracial affair was definitely not the focus of that book, however.)
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I was thinking Nadine Gordimer as well - an earlier novel has a similar situation to what you're mentioning above, but the genders are reversed. Is it possible your friend has the genders mixed up?
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Too Late the Phalarope, by Alan Paton?
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Response by poster: OK my friend tells me that it's not Nadine Gordimer, the book had an urban, not rural vibe, and also that it might not be a South African writer...

Thanks for the feedback though!
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Something by Doris Lessing? She wrote a lot of fiction set in Africa and in particular South Africa and won the Nobel for Literature in 2007.
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Response by poster: Might be Alan Paton... now he's trying to find out if it's had a Brazilian edition
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I was also thinking of Doris Lessing.
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This sounds like a James McClure theme to me, though I don't recall any of his books (Kramer / Zondi novels) that has this anecdote in it.
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It sounds a lot like Alan Paton's Too Late the Phalarope.
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