What is this sci-Fi book that disturbed me as a child?
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What is this horrible book about chimps that scarred me as a child?

So, when I was about nine, I found this novel in the children's section of the library. The story was set in a futuristic world, where the main character was in some sort of horrible accident, so her brain was transplanted into the body of a chimp. She went on to live with a community of chimps, and eventually became less and less human, and mated with the chimps.

I don't remember much more, except this story has scarred me for life, and I hate any kind of monkey, chimp, ape, etc. They all gve me the creeps because of this book.

So, do you know what book it was?
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Looks like that may be Eva by Peter Dickinson.
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Definitely Eva. Maybe it was just that you caught the book at a particularly young age -- I had a group of mostly 13-year-olds read it, and I don't think any of them were scarred too badly by it.
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Oh no, that book was really creepy and awful, actually. But definitely Eva.
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Yes, it's Eva!
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Response by poster: That is it for sure! AskMeFi, coming through as always. Thanks guys. Now, to reread it and relive the horror?
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Please reread it. It is beautifully written, as is all his books, and I think you will appreciate the story more as an adult.
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Eva! I remember hating then loving that book. You have to check out the Amazon.com reviews for it - the outrage of the one-star readers is hilarious. It is worth rereading as an adult both for the skill of the writing and the many themes hinted at and interwoven.
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Now, to reread it and relive the horror?

I recommend it. I read this book as an adult, so it didn't traumatize me. I found it fascinating. Maybe the issues it raises are better suited for adults? Since you're asking for our opinion, mine is: give it a second chance to intrigue you.
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Eva. Scarred me too.
I think I had to put it down because of nightmares.
Don't remember if I ever picked it back up!
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