I found my thrill...now what can I do with it?
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We just procured a couple of pints of delicious wild New Hampshire blueberries while kayaking around an island. Fun! Next question: what to do with them?

I'm planning to freeze some of them by laying them on a cookie sheet, but I want to do something great with some of them while they're fresh. One thought: I could make a barely-sweetened compote as an ice cream topping.

My main goal is to preserve the natural flavor as much as possible, as they're really sweet and incredibly good.

So lay it on me! Your best/weirdest/most extravagant/simplest but tastiest recipes that feature blueberries!
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I wouldn't freeze them, why let any of the elusive goodness away?

I would either eat them out of hand, eat them topped with some sour cream sweetened with brown sugar (this is really an excellent way to eat blueberries), or eat them unsweetened with some vanilla ice cream. Anything else will mask the blueberry taste that you're most interested in.
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Oh I beg to differ...freeze them and then toss them in the blender with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

You can also mix them directly into pancake or waffle batter. Delicious!
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Fresh, wild blueberries picked at the height of the season should be devoured raw and immediately. You can dress sub-par blueberries with condiments and fold them into batters, and enjoy them as part of a dish, but the blueberries you're describing should be savored immediately with nothing extra done to them.
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As it happens, today's Guardian has some wonderful blueberry recipes.
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Only two pints? How on earth have you not eaten them already?

Eat them with creme fraiche just as they are.
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They're all the best answer because it's blueberries.
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p.s. I think by "pints" I meant "quarts." I'm terrible w/ volume measurement.
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More in line with quince's answer, the most delicious way I've ever consumed blueberries (after eating them on their own) was to cook them down and pour over vanilla ice cream. Nothing added, just slowly simmered blueberries. They erupt and mass together and oh man, pour that blueberry sludge all over that ice cream.
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