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I need to make an emergency application for a foreign passport in California.

Where do I go to print documents out and get passport photos taken? And to send a Fedex? Thanks for any advice, I'm clueless.
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What country is the passport for?
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It doesn't matter - I need to print documents, get photos taken and send a Fedex to my embassy. I just need to know where to go to do those things, I am in LA. Sorry for not being clearer.
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Every FedEx Office location will take US passport spec photos and you can rent computers with printers and make copies there.

Depending on the foreign country this won't help if their passport spec differs from the US. As far as applications in general check with your embassy.
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You can print documents out at the Fedex shop near me, and then send from there as well.

I have taken British and Australian sized passport photos at a Walgreens and a Bartells - try any kind of pharmacy that offers passport photos, but at some stores the guy will say he doesn't know how to do a different country. If you can get the exact required measurements for your passport photos online and take them in, they should be able to do any country.

Are you in a city? Someone can probably give you exact locations if you give more details on your location.
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You can use the FedEx website to find the FedEx Office location near you. Here is the "find locations" page:

On the right there is a section called "Show Me These Types of Locations" - make sure that only the box next to "FedEx Kinko's is now FedEx Office" is checked, as those are the only locations that are sure to have all the services you need.

Many foreign countries have embassies/consulates in Los Angeles as well as in NY or DC, so you might want to check in case there is a local office you can drop your documents off at in person.

Also many large pharmacies (RiteAid, CVS, etc.) will have a photo section where they can take passport photos. However, they will not be able to print or ship documents for you.

If you are staying at a hotel, it may have a business center where you can print documents.
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FedEx Kinkos can do all of that for you. They may even have a notary should you require this.
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Sorry, meant to post the location finder. They now call it FedEx Office, but we know it as Kinkos
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Thanks everyone, I have everything I need now. You guys rock!
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