Task-based/time-based productivity.
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Help me find a productivity app.

Is there a Windows-based productivity app that would allow me to toggle between a task-based and a time-based approach? For example, "purge old files" is on my to-do list. It's going to take me a while, but there is no particular deadline. I want to commit 2 hours to this task tomorrow without regard to how much gets done. "Clean the bathroom" is also on my to-do list. There's no particular duration associated with that task; it just needs to be done tomorrow. I don't want to schedule my tasks into strict time slots; that tends to make me rebel. Android synchronization would be nice but it's not necessary.
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After going through about a hundred productivity apps, Teuxdeux is the only one I've stuck with for any length of time.

Simple, flexible, and straightforward. Which are surprisingly rare qualities in most apps.
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Maybe Remember The Milk?
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Have you tried Any.do? It's available as a Chrome extension, iOS and Android. Soon to be a web app too. You can toggle between "time" (set a reminder date) vs "folder" (which is related to context, location, type of thing). Folders are great as it helps me arrange stuff in the following: Home, Work, Shopping List, Blog, Future Reference, Waiting for

It's also free on all platforms. Hope this helps.
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