Now that my trip is over, what *would* it have cost to fly?
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Retro-Travel Filter: How much did it cost to fly roundtrip between Detroit and Philadelphia this past May (2012; leaving on 5/24 and returning 5/29)? Or, how can I figure this out?

Took a business trip on the above dates but drove instead of flying, and now Accounting claims they can only reimburse my mileage up the cost of a plane flight at that time, but since I chose to drove for personal reasons, I never actually bothered to check, etc., at the time for what those flights would have cost.

Unfortunately, the on-line airfare world seems only to look forward, never back, so now I'm only finding rates starting for today and into the future, which don't help me.

Basically, I just need some sort of official quote/document from any of the major airlines or travel sites about the cost of a roundtrip ticket from Detroit to Philadelphia at the end of May, 2012 (ideally, assuming that the reservation had been booked at a sensible point ahead of time, say, a month or so).

Kinda of odd, I know, but help?
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Call a travel agency or the airline themselves over the phone. I've done this exact thing myself.
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If the airline or a travel agency can't help, find the flight you took on FlightAware. They have the average fares for every commercial flight. You'll have to register for an account to go far back enough in time.
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You might also check the Sunday travel section of a newspaper from that week in your local library. Ads often have fare details for specific routes.
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