Green bug on my grubby building's windowsill
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What bug could this be?

I saw it in the window of my apartment building hallway and wondered what it might be:

mystery bug 1

mystery bug 2

I am located in New York and it was a cute little bugger.
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Best answer: Green shield bug or the US version.
posted by elgilito at 2:38 PM on July 9, 2012

Best answer: green stink bug?
posted by couchdive at 2:38 PM on July 9, 2012

I also vote stink bug; my in-laws in Virginia suffered a terrible infestation a couple of years ago (as did many people in the region because of the very mild winter). Don't panic or scare the bug, because oh my god they stink. Better hope there's not lots more in your building
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Response by poster: Wow - glad taking a picture of it didn't qualify as "disturbing it"

Thanks for the fast responses.
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It may take quite a bit to scare them, if it makes you feel better. When we were visiting the in-laws, an occasional one would make an appearance and scooping it up gently in a tissue and flushing it down the toilet did not make it stink. YbugMMV.
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Why flushing it down the toilet? I always set bug outside and let them do their thing.
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Because they need to die. They're agricultural pests and they smell.
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