Pampering Staycation in NYC
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Help me plan a fun, pampering, and interesting staycation in NYC!

My vacation plans with my boyfriend have had to be cancelled for the time being due to major positive changes with his job situation. I'm very happy for him, but we've had to put off our Fall vacation plans.

I HAVE to take days off, as I've accumulated so much time that I must use it or lose it. My original vacation plan included a lot of TLC/pampering. I'd like to use my vacation money to plan some things in the boroughs instead.

Since I am overwhelmed with options, I'm looking for personal recommendations for the best:

Massage/body treatments
Feet/pedicure treatments
Other pampering things that may be escaping me
Private exercise classes
Group or private lesson cooking classes
Fun activities I can do during the day solo

I am slightly limited by my spinal injury which is why I am looking for private exercise classes - I can do many things, and I know my body well, but I prefer to learn something new in a one-on-one setting with someone. I have no actual physical restrictions on what I am allowed to do, it's just a matter of personal preference.

Also, I am not looking to take long walks around the city (a favorite activity of mind pre-spinal injury!) - it is now the opposite of relaxing due to the fatigue/pain in my back/legs that it causes. Also, I don't think I am up for something like Spa Castle - it's just too difficult logistically for me.

Thanks in advance for helping me make the best few days of staycation! :)
posted by carmenghia to Grab Bag (9 answers total) 5 users marked this as a favorite going to the cloisters or the bronx zoo too much walking? Back when I lived in the city the cloisters/botanical gardens was where I'd go to decompress...the bronx zoo is free on dramatic are you? you could get one of those electric scooters (they might even rent them there) and pair it with a big hat, movie-star glasses and lots of attitude. bring a friend to play bodyguard/papparazzi...not that I've EVER done anything like that...
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Best answer: I love getting massages, manicures, and pedicures at Haven Spa in Soho. Ask for Andrea or Lara for your massage therapist. Lara, especially, has some experience in physical therapy and many clients with injuries. Due to your back, there may be some treatments that are more appropriate for you than others (Swedish vs hot stone vs poultice).

Additionally, the staff at Haven do a bit of a nice hand/arm or foot massage as part of a normal manicure or normal pedicure. Oh, and they provide iPads for their pedicures. And they also do facials and waxing.

For your private exercise class, it sounds like what you want is a personal trainer. Do you already belong to a gym? That's where I would start. My personal trainer, for example, is certified in kettle bell and boxing instruction. You might be able to find one who knows what you want to learn.

I'd also take this time to schedule a haircut/blowout and perhaps a makeover/makeup lesson. I had a nice one with Antonio Prieto Salon a while back through a Gilt City promotion.

I'd also schedule some long lazy lunches, perhaps somewhere fancy, (Balthazar? Locanda Verde? Babbo?) and time in coffee shops spent reading or people watching. How about going to the movies while everyone else is at work? I've also noticed many people using the High Line for sunning themselves lately.

As for cooking classes, I think City Grit's macaron making class is sold out, but you could try getting on the wait list. In terms of places that host regular classes, check out Murray's Cheese, the Astor Center, the new Eataly classroom, or this list from Serious Eats.
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I'd be sure to get to TKTS and see a matinee on Wednesday.

I lost two disks in a car wreck, so I recommend a Pilates class. One with the machine. It's awesome.

Perhaps a steam or a sauna.

A Russian eye-brow arch.

I'd go looking for the Big Gay Ice Cream truck.

How about one of the narrated bus tours. Nothing like being a tourist in your own city.

See if you can get into a taping of David Letterman or People's Court or the Daily Show.

I like New York.
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Where in NYC are you located? And what is your budget?
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Response by poster: OP here.

I'm in Brooklyn (Park Slope) and budget is very flexible. I'm using vacation money that I've saved up for a bit, so I have a bit to go mad with.

I'm happy to go anywhere in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx that is subway/cab accessible.
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go to the great jones spa, get a massage and relax in the steam room, sauna, hot tub all day!
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Best answer: Integral Yoga (W13th & 8av) does in-home private yoga instruction for $90. It is awesome and I curse myself DAMN YOU SELF for not having started it sooner. IDK if they will have anyone willing to go to BK, though it certainly doesn't hurt to ask.
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Best answer: Exhale Spa on Central Park South is about as high-end as you can get, massage, steam/sauna and has terrific multi-level fitness classes. Also, you can walk over to John Barrett (or just a blowout?) at Bergdorf's right after, with maybe a little bit of shopping? I like to hit the beauty floor -- low-impact spendy, super fun. Have a makeover!

I will say that for me, although it's not the chi-chi-est, Ohm Spa in Flatiron is massage/mani-pedi heaven. Waxing too. Great staff.
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Best answer: Maybe you and your boy can take a night in a fancy NY hotel with spa treatments and room service?

Here is a fun list of Brooklyn made foods I was thinking about making a day of.

I had a great time at a birthday party at a climbing center Brooklyn Boulders maybe get a private lesson there?

I have taken half a dozen classes at the Institute for Culinary Education always with nice students and good instructors.
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