How can I split HDMI audio off to headphones?
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I'd like a splitter/dongle that I can plug an HDMI cable into that will pass video onto a monitor, but will allow me to plug headphones in to capture the sound. Does something like this exist?

I'd like to plug my PS3 into a spare computer monitor that I have, which has an HDMI receptacle. The only problem is that this monitor doesn't have speakers, or an audio out jack. I'm wondering if there's something I can buy at a Radio Shack/specialty store/online location that will split the audio and video signal so that I can plug standard 3.5mm headphones into it and capture audio that way. Thanks!
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Best answer: You mean, like this?
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Here's another.
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Best answer: Could you turn on audio multi-output, which would activate the analog audio out (using these instructions) and just use a cheap RCA to 1/8" adapter to connect your headphones? The downside is that you won't have volume control; the upside is that it would be about $90 cheaper.
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>Here's another

I noticed that one, but it doesn't offer 3.5mm mini-stereo output, like jasondbarr requested. It only provides RCA and optical audio output. Of course, this could be chained to a headphone amp/set of speakers with 3.5mm output in order to provide the functionality that jasdondbarr needs.

It would seem that finding 3.5mm mini-stereo output on an HDMI audio extractor is a difficult task. I'm having a difficult time finding anywhere that actually sells the item I posted above.
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bcwinters' solution is a pretty good one. Volume control could be achieved by putting a headphone amp like this in-line.
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Best answer: You can redirect audio out from the PS3 to the RCA outputs. Audio output settings are in your PS3's system settings. Video can stay through HDMI. Then you just buy an RCA-to-3.5mm headphone jack cable for a few bucks. Monoprice has these, for example.
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Response by poster: Blazecock Pileon, didn't even think about that. I've got an old RCA to 3.5mm laying around here somewhere. Thanks!
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